Business Cards

Business cards are funny little things.

Actually, they're not very funny. And that's part of the problem with business cards.

People print billions of them, and I suppose hand most of them out. But how many do we remember? Do you even think about 'remembering' a business card? Is there ever anything TO remember? Anything that would make you go ... 'Wow. Cool card' ...?

Generally not.

And all the while, you have this little piece of paper that you can put things on that cause people to look ... look again ... perhaps look again ... smile ... remember your card ... keep it ... and perhaps show it to other people.

I think business cards are pretty much forgotten when it comes to advertising. Understandably, because they cost so little. They're so small. And you spend so much money on so many other things. Business cards are something you need, but not something you look at and go, 'How can we use this to make people remember us?'

I've had jewelers who use the business cards tell me that it's some of those most effective advertising they do. They hand out a card, sometimes two (if you have different cards, go ahead and hand out more than one, to the same person if you feel like it). Customers get a chuckle out of them. They ask to take some to hand out to friends -- isn't that what we all want? And they keep that business card. They remember YOU, and your store.

Look through the different cards I've created. Pick one or two or three or four designs. Get some printed. Hand them out. And see what happens.

If you have just one customer who KEEPS your card ... who LIKES your card ... who shows it to other people ... how much is that worth?

We can't really measure it, but doesn't it make sense that if they keep your card, and remember YOU because of that card, it means good things for your business? It has to. That, as opposed to what happens with most business cards. The card gets shoved into a pocket, a wallet, a purse. It sits there. It comes out. It may well get tossed.

If they keep your card, and they like you because of your card ... how much is that worth? Isn't that what you want to happen, from all of your advertising?

That's what these cards can do for you.

And think of it: if your staff have cards that THEY like (their own picture; a headline of their own choosing, that reflects who they are, how they feel, makes them feel good), doesn't it make sense that they'll hand out more cards? If you have a card that is fun, that makes people laugh, that you are excited to give to people, so you can see their reaction ... of course they'll hand out more business cards.

More cards, to more customers -- especially cards that customers like and keep -- can only be good for business.

Think of business cards as little billboards. That's what they are. About the same proportions as a billboard. It's just a little billboard that fits in someone's pocket. If you think of it as a billboard, and design it as a billboard -- with a headline that stops people -- it'll work like a billboard with those people.

How many business cards should you pick? Whatever you feel like. I've always thought that more cards are better, for this reason: some cards will fit YOU at different times ... and some cards will fit different CUSTOMERS at different times.

If you're working with a bridal customer, with a young couple who come in looking at engagement rings ... then it makes sense to give them a card with a headline that has a bridal flavor to it.

If you're working with a customer on a custom piece, then a card that has that flavor to it, that message, will fit better.

The cards are a small investment. The returns are potentially pretty big. And when you see customers laugh at your card, and THEN tuck it away ... odds are they'll be keeping it. When they ask for a few extras to hand out to friends ... you've got something good happening. When's the last time someone asked for extra business cards to give to friends?

And if you have your staff excited to hand out their cards -- even when they're not in the store; perhaps especially when they're not in the store -- that seems likely to lead to more business.

Yes, we need a good head shot of you, of each of your staff. Take a look through the card designs on the site. That's the basic photo I'm looking for, that I encourage you to use. We want people to see your face, up close. That's a good thing, not a bad thing. Shoot the photo with a black background. That's best. If you have a professional shoot your photo, terrific. If not, get your phone, or your digital camera, and play. Shoot several, shoot a lot. Go for a good smile. And then send me the one you like best. And I'll go to work to create a card for you that you're excited to hand out.

And then ... hand 'em out. Like candy. Have fun with them. And let us know how they work for you.

Any questions? Call us any time. We're here to help you grow your business with these little billboards that fit in people's pockets, purses, and wallets.

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