Comprehensive Program

The Comprehensive Program is gives you an incredible collection of advertising materials to use in most media. What you have access to here, is probably unmatched in any industry in the world. And the price? Well, I know jewelers who have paid ad agencies in a month, what this program costs for a year.

Here’s what the Comprehensive Program includes, with the individual cost of each program.

The print program ($200 a month)
The radio program ($200 a month)
Digital asset program ($200 a month)
Billboards – up to 8 boards a year ($1,500)

You get an exclusive in your market.

The cost for the Comprehensive Program? $400 a month.

You don’t need to use every part of the Comprehensive Program to get a lot of bang for your buck.

Now, for each of those programs, I ask you to go to those on the website to read the details on what you get.

There are things you CANNOT do with the Comprehensive Program, unless you and I have made some other arrangements.

You cannot use the materials on TV, or movie screen advertising, or for t-shirts, or cups, or anything, really, outside of the mediums that each program specifically is for.

Those things aside, you have access to literally thousands of files that you can use in each medium.

THE PRINT PROGRAM has somewhere around 3,300 print ads that you have access to, and can use in your print media – newspapers and magazines.

THE RADIO PROGRAM has over 1,100 radio scripts that you can use on your local radio stations.

THE FACEBOOK PROGRAM has over 1,000 files that you can use on Facebook.

THE WEB BANNER PROGRAM has over 300 different web banners that you can use on your site.

THE IN-STORE DIGITAL POSTER PROGRAM – for your wide-screen TVs you have set up – has over 300 different files you can display in your store.

EMAIL PROGRAM – I have a collection of about 80 emails that I have written for you to send to your customers. Email is, in my view, a poorly used, often abused, medium. If we approach it more like writing to a friend, rather than always trying to sell a product, very different and good things can happen with email. As with any medium, it takes consistency. And emails, and subject headings, that are interesting.

THE BILLBOARD PROGRAM – I’ve designed probably 400 different boards. You have access to all the ideas. With the Comprehensive Program, you can choose up to 8 boards a year to use in your market. I’ll provide the art work to your billboard company. We’ll work together on the pieces, the layout, fonts, overall design, to make your board as effective as it can be.

Keep in mind that you have access to, and can use, these materials in all these mediums, so long as you're with the program. Should you quit at some point, you agree to stop using any and all materials.

The Comprehensive Program is the very best value that I offer. Tons of stuff, that will separate you from competitors, and that makes it possible for you to change your advertising just about as often as you like – and change is just critical to keeping your advertising interesting.

Let’s talk more about this if it sounds interesting.


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