Digital Posters

Do you have a wide-screen TV in your store? More than one?

Do you have a digital sign outside of your store? And I mean it's YOUR digital sign, not one of the giant commercial ones (where you cannot use this stuff).

If you have a wide-screen TV in your store, this program will give you dozens and dozens of images to rotate throughout the day. And if you have a wide-screen TV that faces outside, you can have that running after your store is closed.

But think about it. You invest in a wide-screen TV. What can you put up there that will stop people as they walk by? That will make them smile? That will make them think ... 'It's different in here, and in ways I like' ...?

You have the medium -- you have that TV. It's what you show up there that will make that medium work.

Take a look through our collection of digital posters. See how YOU react. And know that that is just how your customers will react when they're in the store walking around.

As for those small digital signs? If you have one of those outside of your store where passersby and people driving by can see it, you can have some fun with these.

One customer told me they have people comment about what they have on their digital sign, and these folks tell this jeweler that they look to see what they're going to put up next.

Remember that each poster ... is a selling point. A 'selling argument,' if you like the terms sometimes used in books on selling. Each poster is talking to a different group. Some posters are talking to older couples. Some are talking to the bridal market, of any age. Some are talking to men about buying for the women in their lives.

Each time you change your poster, you talk to a different group. And if what you say is interesting -- and these are interesting -- they will pay attention to what you say even if it's not talking directly to them.

Think about it. If you have people noticing and following your messages -- wherever they are -- they're seeing and thinking about YOU. You have people walking by and driving by your store right now that don't even know you exist. Great signage can change that, and in a hurry.

Can we help you with this medium? Give me a call, and let's talk.