Facebook is a social medium.

It's fun. People go there for enjoyment. To connect with people. To share things about themselves, to let others share themselves.

How much do you pitch and push product Facebook? And how much do you simply find ways to connect with people in a social, instead of business, way?

I like to think of it with analogies. For example, when you go to a Rotary meeting, how much do you talk about product? How much do you tell people about a sale or event? Do you go up to someone you know -- or don't know -- and say, 'Hey, mention my name when you come in the store, and you get an extra 15% off!' ...?

You probably don't do those things. You know it would actually work against you.

Then we get to Facebook. It's a social setting, as well. Different than Rotary. But there are some similarities.

At those Rotary meetings, you talk with people, you listen to people. You ask questions. You respond. You generally keep the spotlight on the other person -- at least that's a very good way to cause them to like you, and trust you, and probably want to do business with you.

It's easy to show product on Facebook. I've seen pages where that's all it is. And these pages have 2,000 fans. And they get 3 or 4 'likes' on their product posts. There's no interaction. And I wonder how they got to 2,000 fans if that is what their posts are about.

It's harder to say things that make people stop ... look ... read ... feel something ... remember ... and, perhaps, comment on what you said.

You want to really connect with people on Facebook. The way you really connect ... is through heart and humor. Good humor comes from heart, I think. Connections with people are about heart. We connect with emotion, with humor and laughter, with tears and ache, with all of these endless shades of things that we feel.

So yes, it's easier to just show product -- it's a lot harder to connect with someone by showing just a product -- than to say words that do connect with people. But that harder part -- what the hell do I say on Facebook? -- that's where I come in.

I've created a few hundred Facebook-ready posts for you. And I'll create a few hundred more, at least.

They post like any jpeg file you post now, because they're all just jpeg files. Simple to use.

The nice thing about these things is that they're time-tested. These are headlines and billboards and posters and banners that I've created in other mediums, and 'they work.' Jewelry Ads That Work. It's what these are all about.

What does it mean that they work? Do they read a post and come running in because they liked, for example, 'Brings out the wife in your girlfriend'? That's not the measure of if they work. Not any more than you judge your 'success' at Rotary by how many people run in the store the day after you talked with them at the meeting.

It all takes time. But not just time. It takes attention. It takes feeling where people are. Touching them. Just as in any good, strong relationship. We listen to people. We talk to them in ways that make them know, and feel, that we understand who they are. We build a relationship -- it doesn't just happen.

All of these things that I've created for Facebook -- just as the things I've created for all the other mediums -- are about building relationships with these men and women, and maintaining it, and growing it, taking care of it, protecting it. It's what we do with all the relationships that matter to us. We can do it with customers, too. Because these people matter to us.

So with these, post 2 or 3 things a week. Put a comment with each one. Don't just show it. Say something. Ask a question. Share your own thoughts about what it is you're posting. Engage people. When they comment, respond to them. That's what builds interest -- when you show interest in what they say to you.

You'll post other things, too. By all means do. And keep it friendly, warm. Keep some love in there. Love is, after all, what your business is all about. Really. If there is a love business, it's jewelry.

The cost is $295 a month. It includes Facebook, Facebook Cover Photos, Web Banners, and Digital posters.

Facebook. It's fun. I'll help you keep your page that way.

Let's talk more about it. Give me a call.

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