Hint Cards

Hint cards. These funny little pieces of paper can, do, and will create sales for you.

I call them funny little pieces of paper, because, to me, even after all these years of writing things, thousands of things ... I still find it astonishing what a piece of paper can do. What a few words on that piece of paper can do. And it can be a very small piece of paper. And it can change how people think, what they think about, how they feel, and what they do.

All from a few words on a piece of paper.

It all depends on what those few words say.

Hint cards aren't anything new. I don't know who first came up with the idea. What I do know is that when I saw what was the typical hint card years ago, I thought, we can have something better. Something that works better.

The typical hint card at the time -- and it's still out there -- said 'Hint hint hint' on the outside. And then on the inside, a few words about a piece that his woman loves. You know the drill on this one.

I thought, well, if that works ... if just that creates sales ... what if we have words that are more interesting -- to the man who is going to get this card? What if we focus on benefits? On the love and adoration and appreciation that he is going to receive when he surprises her with this piece?

It's all about benefits. Everything in selling is about benefits. Just most of us don't talk much about the very benefits that come as a result of taking a certain action.

The way to use these cards is simple. Buy one or two or three designs from me. And then, when a woman finds a piece that she loves, that she puts on her wish list ... show her the different ones you have. Of course, if you have just one, well, you offer that to her.

You see, she becomes your 'out of the store' salesperson, doesn't she? She goes home, and actually sells her husband on giving her a piece of jewelry.

But you see, we have to approach this carefully. We have to put ourselves in the shoes of the man. What will cause him to react positively? What will make him go ... yes, I want to surprise her with this piece after all?

It's a lot about stroking a fellow's ego. About making him feel like he's 'the man' in their relationship, in more than one way. If we do that with the few words on these funny little pieces of paper, then odds are you're going to be seeing him in your store.

Hint cards are, to me, a slam dunk. I mean, you have to have these. You're crazy not to. You're crazy to not give one of these to a woman, who takes it and goes home and sells TO HER HUSBAND. You don't have to do it! She does! And gladly! And you're not even paying her to do it!

How many women find a piece of jewelry in your store, and they go home, and they never tell their husbands or boyfriends about it?

How many men never know that their women have this piece of jewelry that they would love to have?

How many men are never given the opportunity to delight their wives, because 1) his wife doesn't tell him what she loves, and 2) YOU don't help her to tell him ...?

Do you see how simple this idea is? How important it is? I've long seen it as a win-win-win. You send her home with a hint card. Her man loves the idea of surprising her with something she loves. Which means that she wins ... which means that he wins (she loves him even more and appreciates him even more) ... and of course you win.

So spend a few hundred dollars on some hint cards. One card, that brings one man in the door, will pay for a lot of hint cards. Build these into your every day business. A woman finds something she likes, but isn't going to buy for herself? Send her home with a hint card (or two if you have more than one design; be generous with these). Let that funny little piece of paper do the selling for you, along with that beautiful woman who becomes your 'out of the store' salesperson.

She will be happy to sell for you. You just need to give her a tool or two so she can go home and do just that.

The art work and printing is $150 per card. Get three different ones, and it's $395 for the three. Let us know how we can help. And call if you want to talk more about these.


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