Magnets are a fun giveaway, a great thing to put in every bag with every purchase. It's a great thing to send in a thank you card to a customer.

Imagine that your magnet gets put up on a fridge -- and odds are, one of these will, because they're different, and fun. Many magnets are literally just a business card. Or just the name of the business. All the while, you can give out something that stops people, makes them do a double-take, makes them laugh, like you, and remember you -- all from a little magnet that's the size of a business card.

You pay me for the art work and design and one-time printing of up to 500 magnets. The cost of printing is somewhere around $100 (at the time that I write this), plus $15 or $20 shipping.

And then get to handing them out. It's affordable advertising, and it can be very effective advertising. If your magnet gets up on a fridge, on a wall, put somewhere so that people in that house see it, it can only do you good.

Giveaways are great things -- if they're giveaways that people like and will do something with. These magnets will do that for you.

Order one or two. Get a few hundred printed. And then? Hand 'em out like candy, and see what happens next.

Give us a call if you want to get some going for you and your store.


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