Online Comprehensive Program

This is one of the most important evolutions with JATW.

While traditional media remain important, and will remain important for quite some time, you need to be in the online media.

Facebook. Your website. Emails to your customers. Perhaps online advertising through a local publication.

We include 'digital posters' (see that section for more information on it) in the Online Comprehensive Program, even though it's not technically online. So if you want to use JATW materials on Facebook and on your website, the digital posters are yours to use at very little additional cost.

The online media themselves have little to no cost. Facebook? Free. But results don't just happen.

Your website? Yes, you probably pay a few hundred dollars a year to have your site maintained. But once it's up and running, your cost to maintain it is small. But a site, sitting there all by itself, doesn't do anything.

Emails? Free. But email is underused and abused and simply not well utilized by most businesses.

It all comes down to this: when you have the opportunity to talk to people ... when you actually do talk to them (e.g., you send out an email) ... what do you say? Do you say things that people read, and think about, and remember? Do you say things that cause people to lean in to hear more? Or do you talk to them in ways that they back away from you?

The beauty of JATW materials is that these are time-tested. For almost 20 years, I've been writing things that do work. And they work wherever people see them. If people see a great JATW headline on a billboard, well, that same idea works in a print ad. It works on a radio script (if well written). It works on a banner, on a poster -- and on Facebook and on your website.

So when you put these materials to work for you in digital media, you're saying things that we already know people like, and respond to.

Here's what is included with this program:

The Facebook Program
The Web Banner Program
The Digital Poster Program
The Email Program

As a bonus part of this program, you also get the right to use these materials in online advertising. If your paper has an online version, and you want to advertise there, you can use these materials there.

The cost for the program is $295 per month.

You can read about each program in those individual program sections.

And of course, call me if you have questions. It's always good to talk about this stuff. Lots of things to consider, lots of ways to go about talking to people (remember: that's all advertising is ... talking to people) wherever you advertise. And using online media will grow in importance in the future. New digital ways of talking to people, 'reaching people,' will develop. Things we haven't even imagined yet.

Always remember that any particular medium isn't magic. It's the message -- the words you say -- that cause people to react, or not. It's the words that reach people, not the medium. The medium, whatever medium it is, gives you an audience, and an opportunity to say something to a person or a group of people. What you say ... makes all the difference in the world.

I'll continue to do my best to help you with those words so that, when you talk, people do listen, look, react, remember, and want to do business with YOU.

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