Web Banners

Your web banners are signage, every bit as much as the signage people see (if you have any) on or outside of your store, that stops them ... or doesn't.

We all click on different sites. Is there anything that might stop us? That might make us 'walk in the door,' basically. A good sign outside of your store can cause people to stop ... pause ... and walk in. That's the whole deal. Get them to 'come inside' your website, and not just glance at it for a moment from the outside. The good stuff for your site is on the inside.

How do you get them to come on in?

Web banners with strong messages ... are an important way you can do that.

Of course, with web banners, as well as with any other medium, change is key. Keeping it fresh is key. You don't let a billboard run for six months, or longer ... so don't let your web banners get worn out and no longer seen when people stop by.

Think of the opening page of your site as just that: it's what people see when they walk by your online store. That's what they're doing. They're walking by. They may come in ... click on a few links ... or may not. That opening page CAN draw them in ... or not. It CAN make them stop ... or not.

The right words on your web banner ... the right look and feel ... can have quite an impact.

That's what this program provides: dozens and dozens of different web banners that you can put up on your site. Many sites have rotating banners on the front. You can put up 3 or 4 or 5. Great. Do it. Put up 3 or 4 or 5 of these banners. If you have control of the timing between when each banner displays, see if you can make it show for 3 seconds or so. Not too long. Not too short.

Many jewelers use my outdoor signage. They put signs like 'Hardware store for women' out there on posters I've designed. All kinds of them. I can't tell you the number of times jewelers have told me how people stop ... look again ... laugh ... take a photo of it ... and often come in because of the sign. Sometimes to say hey, we love your sign! Other times, because they need something.

That signage is now available for you to use on your website. These are messages and words and designs that are time-tested. They work in every medium. And they will work for you in your online store.

When people walk by your online store, will they stop? Will they come inside? Or will they just keep going? Have web banners with great messages on them. Banners that will bring them in. And every step further they go into your site, the more likely it is that you'll find that customer walking in your 'real door.'