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Do you color outside the lines?
We have things uncommon
Yes, we do custom

Buy Gold

Handful of gold worth hundreds
Shake your booty
What's in your drawers?
Your hidden cash machine


Bent over backwards
Does your ring give you fits?
Free ring polishing
Free spring bar replacement
He didn't recognize his ring
I lost my diamond
Keep your shoes on
Laser surgery for under $50
Personal reminder service
Same day repair if you need it
Security checks with your shoes on
The list that makes wishes come true
Watch batteries done right

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They thought they'd killed him

Valentine's Day

Free roses when you buy some fire
Important. Beautiful. Sexy
On the battlefield of love
Speak louder without raising your voice

Sports and Hobbies

Fishing licenses sold here
Football addicts have it tough
Golf is a serious disease

Mother's Day

"Ask your father"
"Do you think I'm made of money?"
Memories from mom


From zero to 18
Please do not hold your applause
Roots and wings

Father's Day

He has great genes
Heroes alive, well and in disguise
Shirts, meals, and faith


Busted for heart theft
Free coffee
Gentlemen, start her engine
Getting women into trouble...and men out of it
If they're quick and friendly
Our new home
Passion is always the difference
Pay too little
She'll smile sideways
The rule in our store
Those bead bracelets that everybody is talking about
While we have them with us
Why we won the reader's choice award!
Cheaper way to get a bigger diamond
Does your daughter...
More ice, please
We do sell big diamonds
We trade diamonds
About your kids
About your spouse
Free drinks in our store
Free hot dog Friday's
Free ice cream sundaes
Gratitude practice session
Jewelry, fillings, piercings...can they be a source of pain?
Let us pray
Life is short
Love everybody
Put on a big one
Remember, in those hard times
Second chance at life
Some never say it
The finest emotion
We love you
What are your arms worth?
Who have you not told?
"You have beautiful eyes" changed her life


By all means cut back this year
Free cider, cookies, and goodies
Million dollar wrapping paper - free
Naughty and nice
No apology needed
Santa Claus definitely came to town
Santasfaction Guaranteed
The dog days of Christmas
The little baby who changed everything
Watch us do our "Happy Dance" for you
We still say "Christmas"
You did it her way
Your secret is not safe with us


No short kiss
Will you marry me starting at $1,500
Your wedding pictures


A few minutes of love
An anniversary truck
There's a creak in your joints this time