3,300+ print ads

If you advertise in print, nothing touches what I've created. And you can access all of those ads when you are with that program. The collection is unmatched. Hundreds of jewelers have used them, year after year. Why? Well ... they're ads that work.

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1,000+ radio scripts

I started writing radio scripts in '96. Over the years, the archive has become bigger than anything, anywhere. Do they work? I have jewelers who have used them for all those years. Yes, they work. They can work for you, too.

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350+ billboards

Billboards are beautiful. I've created all kinds of boards the last 15 years. Some have won awards. Many create reactions that jewelers have never experienced before. And done consistently, you will create a following for what you say next.

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1,000+ Facebook ready files

And 300+ web banners.
And 300+ digital posters for your wide-screen in-store TV monitors.
And 75+ different emails to send to your customers.

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